SEO Pagination URL Structure: The Dos And Don’ts 

A few years ago, Google announced a change in how they handle pagination (i.e., content in a paginated series or SEO pagination URL structure). It was quite surprising for us SEOs to hear that Google hadn’t been using the rel=”prev”/”next”  markup for some years… rel=”prev” and rel=”next” act as hints to Google, and not absolute […]

Restaurant SEO Recipes: 9 Tips To Spice Up Your Online Presence And Boost Sales

Restaurant SEO Recipes: 9 Tips To Spice Up Your Online Presence And Boost Sales - Semola Digital SEO Nigeria (

The food industry was among the most hit sectors during the Covid-19 lockdown. Many restaurants for the first time understood the benefits of having an online presence where consumers can easily make orders and have them delivered at their doorsteps. However, with this understanding comes new challenges. The challenge of “how to create an online […]

JavaScript SEO Best Practices: Everything You Need to Know

JavaScript SEO best practices |

There’s nothing so basic to SEO than getting Google to index your content.  …and JavaScript SEO is still about that one basic. Don’t be scared – we’re not learning JavaScript as a language – no coding! But rather to make your JavaScript content: Crawlable Indexable and  Google-friendly JavaScript is a ubiquitous and powerful part of […]

How To Build High-Quality Backlinks Using Awario Tool

How To Build High-Quality Links Using Awario Tool

Link building is time-consuming, energy-sapping. And can be expensive sometimes. But what if I told you, you could save all of that including money and still build quality links to your site? Yes… high-quality links – ones Google will love. With Awario, you’re one step away from building tons of backlinks to your site. And […]

Internal Link Building Best Practices

Internal Link Building Best Practices

Internal link building is an indispensable part of SEO strategy that no one is telling you about but can strengthen the overall SEO of your website.  Good internal linking provides: A clear path for spiders Prolonged sessions for your users and Create a tight-knit network of pages and posts on your site. You can think […]

Understanding SEO For Law Firms, Attorneys & Legal Services

SEO For Law Firms, Legal services seo

If Google is the search engine, SEO is the lead generation engine! SEO, when done right, is one of the best lead generation Strategies for any law firm. A typical law firm serves clients within its geographical location – city, or state. And one of the best ways to acquire those clients is through a […]

SEO in Nigeria: Everything You Need to Know About the Nigerian Market

The future of SEO in Nigeria:

With over 200 million inhabitants, located right in West Africa, Nigeria is an interesting market, with a high potential for growth. This is evident in the likes of Paystack, Flutterwave and many other Fintech startups thriving and making ways even beyond Africa. No thanks to the global pandemic, but it has opened many businesses, especially […]

SEO For Real Estate Business in Nigeria

Real estate seo in Nigerian

For so long, millennials have either lived in their parent’s homes or rented an apartment at most even when money was not an issue. However, according to the latest study, Gen Y who make up the bulk of the population of Nigeria, today make up the largest share of homebuyers in Nigeria. And closely observing […]

Local SEO: How to Optimize Your Websites for Local Markets in Nigeria

Local SEO: How to Optimize Your Websites for Local Markets in Nigeria - Semola Digital SEO Nigeria (

As customers turn to Google in search of the best products and services near them with fast answers to their queries, local SEO becomes more important than ever for local businesses. Local SEO is an essential part of search engine optimization which focuses on small to medium businesses that operate on a regional level. For […]

Rel=Canonical Tag: Everything You Need To Know About URLs Canonicalization

Rel=Canonical Tag: Everything You Need To Know About URLs Canonicalization - Semola Digital SEO Nigeria (

Duplicate content is an everyday issue that most webmasters and SEOs have to deal with. For web admins, the question is how do I deal with duplicate content – and, for SEO practitioners, it isn’t how to deal with… it’s about when. In 2009, the search engine giants formed a combo and came up with […]

SEO Web Analytics 101: Beyond Rankings And Traffic

SEO Web Analytics 101: Beyond Rankings And Traffic - Semola Digital SEO Nigeria (

In the SEO industry, we are more obsessed with Google. We love rankings and seeing our traffic increase. But, we rarely give the same attention and time to analyze the goal – the outcomes we are driving for our businesses. It’s fine, after all our explicit goal is to get websites indexed by search engines […]

How To Boost Your [Organic] Search Traffic Using Schema Mark-up

One of the great ways to present your web pages to search engines – and make them stand out from the competition – is by adding schema markup.  This schema markup is then used to display rich snippets – a search result that shows detailed information about a website. But, as useful and increasingly important schema markup is, and being […]

What is Link Building and Why is it Important in SEO?

What is link building?

For about 20 years now, Google has been using links to determine the quality of websites, making link building one of the longest and best SEO tactics to ranking websites on its search engine. Google uses links to your site as signals to determine the AUTHORITY, which in turn determines the relevancy of your site. […]

SEO On-Page Optimization: How to Increase Traffic to Your Web pages in 2022

On-page optimization goes beyond adding Keywords and Keywords to rank on Google. For successful on-page optimization, there’s a need for a clear hierarchy.  The most important information should have the greatest visibility, and the least important information should have the least visibility. Because the average scan time of a user is 8 seconds, and only […]

Understanding Search Engines: How Search Engines Work Step-By-Step in 2022

Understanding Search Engines: How Search Engines Work Step-By-Step in 2022 - Semola Digital SEO Nigeria (

A search engine works simply by crawling or spidering the internet, indexing every digital document it finds in the process and storing them in a database. Crawling spidering indexing Sounds pretty complicated? Relax! It’s simple. SEO is a combination of art and science. And there are no hard and fast rules to it.  But that […]