My 20 Favourite Affiliate Marketing Tools to Drive Sales

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It requires more than just signing up for an affiliate program and producing content to succeed in the competitive affiliate marketing business. It takes the right tools to improve your affiliate marketing performance.

Nevertheless, choosing which affiliate marketing tools to utilize might be difficult considering the abundance of alternatives out there in the marketplace.

What are Affiliate Marketing Tools?

Affiliate marketing tools are basically the tools you need to set-up, enhance, make informed decisions and improve using data. Tools help you discover, explore, promote, and profitably boost your business bottom line. For instance, iSpionage is a competitor analysis tool that allows you to spy on your competitors and plan your Ad campaign appropriately.

Things to Look for in an Affiliate Marketing Tool

  • Simplicity: An affiliate marketing tool should be easy to use, user-friendly with less technicality.
  • Pricing: Affiliate marketing tools listed here are cost-effective solutions for your online businesses. You will even discover ones that offer free tools for affiliate marketing strategies and executions.
  • Good Support: Whether via live chat, resource pages, or a discussion forum, an affiliate tool must support marketers.

Top Affiliate Marketing Tools to Drive Sales in 2023

Below, we've compiled a list of the top 20 affiliate marketing tools for a variety of aspects that make up a successful affiliate marketing business – from Ad tracking to competitor's insight, discovery profitable keywords, social media tools such as scheduling and post sharing. All the tools that will assist you in making the best decisions for your business.

Marketplace Affiliate Marketing Tool

1. Commission Junction (CJ)

My 20 Favourite Affiliate Marketing Tools to Drive Sales

CJ or commission junction, is one of the most popular and reliable affiliate marketplaces, featuring thousands of merchants from a wide range of industries and sizes.

CJ offers affiliate marketers a performance-driven channel that enables a rich ecosystem of partnerships to reach, influence, and convert shoppers worldwide at every part of their purchase journey, both online and offline.

CJ registration is cost-free. Application on CJ is straightforward, all you need is apply for a certain affiliate marketing program after creating an account, then start pushing the products.

Your affiliate income will rely on the merchants you choose as there are differences in commission rates between affiliate programs.

According to its earning potential, such as network earnings, a 7-day EPC, and a 3-month EPC, CJ ranks each affiliate marketing program. Simply apply the appropriate search filters to identify the brands with the highest commission rates.

Whenever a consumer makes a purchase, you can quickly access real-time reports from the dashboard's easy and aesthetically pleasing interface.

A must have affiliate marketing tool is CJ–a fantastic choice for novice affiliate marketers looking to begin their affiliate marketing career.

2. ShareASale

My 20 Favourite Affiliate Marketing Tools to Drive Sales

ShareASale is a powerful tool for merchants. The platform connects online retailers to over 270,000+ active affiliate partners around the world thereby, increasing consumer reach and providing another source of revenues for affiliate marketers.

With more than 20 years in the industry, ShareASale has developed a distinctive, efficient method for connecting affiliates.

Although collaborating with large corporations may sound appealing, they are more likely to ghost you than to desire partnerships. Focusing on smaller businesses with a higher acceptance rate for publishers and more lucrative partnerships for partners has been a wise move by ShareASale. Affiliate marketers enjoy the benefits of great supports including: 

  • Well-run and organized by talented professionals
  • Extremely quick payouts
  • Over 20 years of affiliate marketing experience
  • Free training and resources

ShareASale's interface and general design were somewhat awkward in the past. But the design of ShareASale's website has seen a significant improvement, suggesting that the company's staff paid attention to their users’ feedback.

3. ClickBank

My 20 Favourite Affiliate Marketing Tools to Drive Sales

Founded back in 1998, ClickBank has had decades to improve its affiliate marketplace platform.

As an affiliate, you can make money without creating your own products to sell. On ClickBank, you can find quality products worth promoting with over 4,000 quality products listed by thousands of sellers.

This particular platform focuses on smaller, more specialized digital products rather than well-known brands and businesses. They operate with several kinds of digital/information products, including membership websites, eBooks, and online courses.

These more compact digital products are ideal for specialized websites, and since some of them have commission rates as high as 90%, you won't be losing out on any potential earnings from physical goods. To date, ClickBank has paid out more than $5.7 billion in affiliate commissions. Take the uncertainty out of affiliate marketing and grow your marketing with ClickBank.

Ad Conversion Tracking Affiliate Marketing Tool

4. Google Ads Performance Grader by Wordstream

A number of free affiliate marketing tools are available from WordStream, including the Google Ads Performance Grader.

This tool evaluates user ads in accordance with recommended PPC marketing strategies. It produces a clear report with a performance grade for the entire campaign as well as individual scores for spending, quality score, impression shares, and account activity.

The report also offers doable actions that can be taken to raise the score and enhance ad performance.WordStream's Google Ads Performance Grader assesses your mobile advertising efforts to guarantee that all ads are mobile-friendly. The tool also provides a free keyword tool.

5. iSpionage

My 20 Favourite Affiliate Marketing Tools to Drive Sales

Affiliate marketers can examine their competitors' ad campaigns, including how many PPC ads they are running and which keywords they are bidding on, using the competition analysis tool–iSpionage.

A thorough weekly report noting the developments to the rival campaigns is provided through its campaign watch function. Users can track the outcomes of their A/B tests, search engine marketing (SEM) effectiveness, and landing page techniques, for example, to learn about their best practices.

Additionally, by assigning a keyword effectiveness score based on the phrase's propensity to drive traffic, this tool assists customers in finding well-performing, profitable keywords.

The Ads Effectiveness Index, meanwhile, enables users to locate the profitable ads of rival companies. You can write ads that stand out and get clicks by analyzing them.

The free edition of iSpionage provides three competitor alerts and ten competitive reports every day. Choose one of its premium options, starting at $59/month, for unlimited research and greater data exports.

6. Wecantrack

My 20 Favourite Affiliate Marketing Tools to Drive Sales

Looking for a perfect tool for Affiliate Conversion Data consolidation, attribution and integration for publishers? Consider Wecantrack for easy tracking of your affiliate conversion data within analytics platforms and ad networks. You can use this tool to find out which of your landing pages and click pages are generating clicks, conversions and commissions through landing page and click page reports and then optimize your content based on actual performance data.

Wecantrack is an affiliate tool that properly analyzes your ad campaigns to allocate your budgets to maximize profits. The time of not knowing how campaigns perform has come to an end - no more guess work when you choose this tool. You also have the opportunity of seeing your conversion performance broken down per advertiser. See for which of your partners generate most conversions and commission. Compare that performance to previous time ranges.

7. AdEspresso

My 20 Favourite Affiliate Marketing Tools to Drive Sales

For affiliate marketing looking for tools to maximize profits through creating, administering, and optimizing affiliate marketing programs, AdEspresso, a cloud-based advertising tool is a perfect choice. I have used this tool in the past and it works well.

Marketers can build Google ads, Instagram ads, and Facebook Ads using the tool without switching platforms, experiment with advertising and choose the most effective ones for their affiliate marketing campaigns – thanks to its built-in A/B testing function.

By giving actionable in-app advice and automatically promoting organic postings, it helps in optimization, maximize spending, evaluation of ad performance and give full control to users.

Since the tool connects customers' Facebook ad accounts to other affiliate marketing tools and CRM platforms, streamlining data processing is simple. allowing them more time to concentrate on developing campaigns that have a high conversion rate.

Each of AdEspresso's three pricing tiers, which start at $49/month, offers a 14-day free trial.

8. AnyTrack

My 20 Favourite Affiliate Marketing Tools to Drive Sales

All of your conversion statistics can be found in one location thanks to the affiliate marketing tool called AnyTrack.

Affiliate links, form submissions, and ad returns are just a few of the marketing data that users can rapidly analyze, organize, and assess in real time across different funnels; upon which a data-driven marketing strategy can be developed with the aid of a deeper understanding of each conversion funnel.

AnyTrack can sync and attribute conversion data from numerous sources by integrating with other platforms such as online storefronts, reputable blogs, CRM applications, Facebook and Google ads, as well as more than 50 different affiliate networks.

Additionally, it immediately delivers analytics tool conversion event data to enhance audience building. Users can concentrate on content creation and constructing a profitable online business by automating such a procedure.

Pricing structure: AnyTrack's premium plan starts at $50/month. However, The affiliate tool provides a free version with restricted features for individuals on a tight budget.

Web Analytics and Performance Tools for Affiliate Marketing

9. Google Analytics

My 20 Favourite Affiliate Marketing Tools to Drive Sales

Google Analytics is a robust tool for affiliate marketers who can draw insight from the data it collects on a daily basis regarding users interactions on their websites. The tool offers information on web performance to help with optimization of affiliate sites and ultimately generate more leads.

Google Analytics lets users track all activities on their site and see who clicks on their affiliate links with the help of the tool’s event tracking feature. You may monitor how long a visitor spent on your affiliate marketing website from the Google Dashboard and see which pages draw the most or least traffic.

Additionally, it is possible to build new bespoke audiences from pre-existing segments, which can help to enhance audience retargeting and test out various campaign ideas.

Ability to filter and segment data is one of the skills affiliate marketers need to have in order to utilize this tool to its very best.

10. AffJet

My 20 Favourite Affiliate Marketing Tools to Drive Sales

Monitoring performance may be difficult for affiliate marketers who sign up for many programs because it necessitates logging into each platform separately.

Users of AffJet can manage all of that from a single affiliate dashboard. It compiles information from numerous affiliate networks to offer a thorough performance report of affiliate revenues that can be downloaded.

Users merely need to import all data into the dashboard and add their existing affiliate networks. Users can check their numbers whenever and wherever they want because it is also mobile-accessible.

To assist you in optimizing affiliate marketing initiatives, AffJet tracks network performance in addition to seeing patterns and detecting underperforming links.

AffJet provides a free service with a monthly monitoring cap of 75 transactions. Users can upgrade to the premium plan, which starts at £5/month, for 500 transaction access.

SEO Content Optimization Affiliate Marketing Tool

11. Ahrefs

My 20 Favourite Affiliate Marketing Tools to Drive Sales

Talking about SEO, Ahrefs is one of the best tools out there to optimize your affiliate marketing sites to be search engines-friendly. SEO tools help you grow traffic and improve search engine ranking positions. Ahrefs’ main attributes are keyword research, thorough backlink analysis, and site SEO assessment, including on-page content optimization.

The Ahref auditing tool scans your websites and finds the significant problems that may harm your SEO. It will then generate a comprehensive report that analyzes and recommends fixes for page load time, organic traffic, ranking improvement, and backlink expansion. The paper also offers doable recommendations to address those problems.

Ahrefs also offers a comprehensive report of every newly created and lost backlinks for any domain. Users can do this to get rid of bad backlinks and check out a competitor's linking scheme. In addition, Ahrefs monitors internal links to prevent keyword cannibalization, and conduct keyword research for Amazon, YouTube, and Google. The tool lists each keyword's difficulty and displays the profitable keywords based on the competition of your niche

It can be a pricey investment considering the premium plan's starting price of $99 per month.

12. Surfer SEO

Creating content for search engines is never easy. But with Surfer SEO Content Writing Assistance, you can create amazing content that will not only be liked by Google but users will find it readable. The tool helps in structuring your article, providing you with a detailed list of relevant keywords, and with real-time feedback on overall on-page optimization.

My 20 Favourite Affiliate Marketing Tools to Drive Sales

13. Grammarly

Grammarly is an indispensable writing tool for editing and enhancing content for readability.

By flagging mistakes and providing on-the-fly ideas, Grammarly enables users to articulate their thoughts more clearly when writing blog posts, emails, or social media pieces.

On many different sorts of devices and documents, this tool is simple to use. It allows users to produce high-quality content anywhere thanks to its web version, browser extension, desktop client, and mobile app.

The basic content inspection in the free edition includes checking for spelling, grammatical, and punctuation issues.

Purchase the premium edition for $12/month for more detailed writing advice. It highlights grammatical errors, unclear phrase structures, tone, length, and wordiness.

Social Media Affiliate Marketing Tool

14. Buffer

My 20 Favourite Affiliate Marketing Tools to Drive Sales

Buffer is a straightforward but dependable affiliate tool for managing social media accounts and scheduling updates on social media.

Users can schedule content for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest using Buffer's queueing tool. Using its drag & drop interface, scheduled posts can also be edited.

Users can watch RSS feeds for social media on Buffer's user-friendly dashboard, read comments, and leave their own to increase interaction. They may also track engagement statistics and performance indicators for social media, including shares, clicks, mentions, retweets, and followers.

The premium plans, which start at $12/month, include a link shortener, post-by-post statistics, and audience demographics reports.

However, Buffer offers a free version for new affiliate marketers that connects to three social media accounts and allows them to schedule up to 10 posts.

15. CoSchedule

My 20 Favourite Affiliate Marketing Tools to Drive Sales

CoSchedule is a marketing Calendar tool for editorial planning. It makes it easy for publishers to plan content from brainstorming to creation, publishing to sharing on social media.

Users can quickly organize each phase of any affiliate marketing campaign, from to-do lists and project updates to content ideas, using the calendar's drag-and-drop interface. Both individual use and group collaboration are possible within the tool. You can change the dates on the calendar, offer input, and automatically allocate repetitive tasks to other team members.

CoSchedule has a WordPress plugin that syncs with the calendar allowing users to update and publish content directly from the calendar.

CoSchedule Marketing Calendar costs $29 per month. You can use custom task workflow templates and control calendar access by upgrading to the premium plan.

Communication Affiliate Marketing Tool

16. HubSpot Email Marketing

My 20 Favourite Affiliate Marketing Tools to Drive Sales

HubSpot provides a marketing automation solution that makes it simple for users to draft and organize emails.

Users can automate the procedure by establishing unique workflows, whether it's sending a thank-you email, announcing a new product, or reminding customers about future promotions.

Additionally, they can customize each email so that the salutations always include the recipient's first name to increase engagement and lead generation.

This tool provides customizable templates for setting up email marketing campaigns fast and efficiently along with a drag-and-drop graphic editor.

The affiliate tool is integrated with other HubSpot marketing tools, giving users the ability to build a consolidated contacts database and control and monitor email success.

Users of the free tool can perform the fundamental tasks of email creation and scheduling. The Marketing packages start at $45/month for features that are more advanced.

17. ManyChat

ManyChat is an accessible chatbot application that integrates live chat and can create tailored discussions on several platforms. This covers WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger.

By developing conversation flows, this technology can assist an affiliate marketer in connecting with customers in real-time. They can automate pre-built responses for rapid customer service or direct them to live chat when necessary.

Making a list of consumers' phone numbers and emails is also made easier by using a chatbot tool. Following a social media interaction, users can simply distribute newsletters, issue discount codes, and transmit other information.

You don't need to know how to code to utilize this chat bot because of its straightforward drag-and-drop interface and ready-made templates for a variety of tasks.

Unlimited custom flows are available with up to 1,000 contacts on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram in the free edition. A premium subscription at $15/month lets you combine the chatbot with SMS and email.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tool

18. AAWP

My 20 Favourite Affiliate Marketing Tools to Drive Sales

One of the most important WordPress plugins for Amazon affiliates is AAWP.

There may be some problems when you use Amazon affiliate links in your article. For instance, marketing items that are out of stock or charging outdated rates.

By automatically updating all affiliate links to reflect the most recent product revisions, as displayed on the official Amazon website, AAWP streamlines the operation. Therefore, regardless of the modifications, users will still be able to earn commission.

Several essential features of this WordPress plugin allow you to modify product layouts and improve user experience. An automated best sellers list, multiple product boxes, dynamic text links, and product comparison tables are among these.

AAWP doesn't require coding expertise to enhance a WordPress website because of its adaptable and simple configuration. Just select one of the four plans, which start at €49/year.

There is no free version of AAWP, however there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

19. Amasuite

My 20 Favourite Affiliate Marketing Tools to Drive Sales

A two-edged sword, you would say, Amasuite, founded by Chris Guthrie and Dave Guindon, is a research tool for Amazon affiliates and sellers. Instead of looking around on the Amazon website, it enables you to discover countless niches and can gather a lot of data into a table.

A keyword research tool and Amasuite together are a niche site builder's dream. They have a really great community and are using the fifth edition of the software.

Since the tool is part of a bundle or suite, it has several applications. Even while the frequent updates can be bothersome, they are at least making daily improvements to the product. My favorite tool out of the bunch is the Review Analyzer, which quickly scans through all the reviews for a product and tells you what buyers liked and disliked. Really simple to use for content creation.

Price: $197 for the four applications, including an additional tool called "Ali Inspector" that gathers information from AliExpress.

20. EasyAzon

My 20 Favourite Affiliate Marketing Tools to Drive Sales

Chris Guthrie, who also founded 5 Amasuite, founded EasyAzon to make it simple to add Amazon affiliate links to your writing without going through the complete procedure. Contextual affiliate links have often been thought to have the highest click-through rates and save a lot of time.

Localization is a feature that can be added to the pro versions. This enables customers to have your affiliate link routed to their particular nation from anywhere in the world.

Price: Free; alternatively, you may purchase a subscription to access all of their plugins, including the Pro edition of EasyAzon.


Using this top affiliate marketing tools available, affiliate marketers can simplify their operations, maintain the activity of their affiliate sites, provide high-quality traffic, and ultimately increase revenue.

When selecting tools for your affiliate marketing business, take into consideration your knowledge, goals, and budget.

Remember that you can utilize the majority of their complimentary programs. Consider asking for a free trial of the premium choices when available so you can check out their features and understand the technical know-how of the tool.

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