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What is Law Firm SEO?

Law firm SEO or Attorney SEO or legal SEO is the process of increasing your law firm’s visibility in search engines; helping you to drive targeted traffic to your website and clients to your office.

The purpose of law firm SEO strategies and implementation techniques is to get your law firm’s website ranking at the top of the organic search results so that you can attract more prospective clients.

People who find themselves in need of a lawyer or legal services will often look for one to hire through:

A typical law firm serves clients within its geographical location – city, or state. And one of the best ways to acquire those clients is through the search engines.

Before now, social media channels like Facebook used to be a platform where businesses can reach their audiences without paying to run advertisement.

Also, with the advent of search engines, people now prefer to go to Google for informations even before they think of asking friends or colleagues.

So, majority of individuals now use search engines as their primary method for seeking legal services.

This doesn’t mean social media and word-or-mouth/referers from friends are not still popular among the people, but the research phase is nearly always dominated by online search.

This has positioned search engines with the greatest ROI among other possible channels – because if you launch your business, optimize for search engines, people will find you without having to pay for adverts.

Organic search works much better than social media and paid advertising when it comes to driving visitors to your website and door steps.

Why Your Legal Firm Needs SEO

First-page visibility is a fiercely competitive position and many lawyers struggle to obtain first-page ranking on search engines like Google and Bing.

To make things easier, SEOs employ a variety of tactics to get you to that position where you too can generate traffic, and turn that traffic into new clients.

Lawyers & Attoneys SEO Specialist Services

Our SEO for Law firms covers:

Tax law, Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Employment and Labor Law, Environmental and Natural Resources Law, Family and Juvenile Law, Health Law, Immigration Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Law, Personal Injury Law, Real Estate Law, Securities Law, Animal Law, Bankruptcy Law, Admiralty (Maritime) Law, Civil Rights, Education Law, Municipal Law, Sports and Entertainment Law.

Our content-oriented approach to SEO is within the guidelines of Google’s best practices and this has helped our clients reach top positions in Google and gain a competitive edge over their competitors.

Developing content for law firms requires the understanding of the legalities involved in promoting legal services; as such, we take due diligence while creating content for lawyers and attorneys.

Free Consultation for Lawyers and Law Firms

If you want to increase ROI of your Legal Services over the shoulder of professional Technical SEO and Content Specialist you’ve found the right people to work with.

Our proven and repeatable Legal SEO strategy that have helped organizations grow traffic, increase revenue is what you need right now.

Our clients see over 1,400% increase in organic traffic in 6months or less.

Take advantage of our proven and repeatable consulting services that have helped organizations grow traffic & increase ROI.

Beyond what Semola Digital offers, Oladoyin is an honest person, always makes himself available and contactable to educate.

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      Typical SEO for Law Firms Includes

      SEO for Lawyers, Law Firms, Attorney is our core specialization...

      Our clients see over 1,400% increase in organic traffic in 6months or less.

      Why Investing in SEO Services?

      While there are many digital marketing channels through which you can bring customers to your store, SEO is at the top of marketers’ priority list because:

      With over 8 billion daily searches happening on Google, and about 63% of the organic search traffic originated from mobile devices, search engines are where most people start their routine online journey. In fact, an estimated 7% of Google’s daily searches are health-related; which means Google is now a go-to even for health-related issues.

      Although when one makes a search, Google presents thousands of results depending on the queries, people rarely go past the first page of top 10 results. 

      This behaviour of online searchers has created a fierce competition for the most coveted top position – the top 10, and if your business website is not on Google’s first page, you will be losing sales to your competitors who are already making use of that opportunity.

      As an SEO Specialist Company, we strive to ensure that each of our clients has a website that is fully optimized, earns high rankings, and gains a competitive edge across the most popular search engines. To this end, we devise ethical SEO techniques tactics – well aligned with Google’s best practices. We make it our business to ensure that our customers are constantly one step ahead of their rivals.