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Let me Guess...

You’ve been trying to learn SEO—and you’ve probably tried to do a few (or all) of the following things…

You’ve watched hours of videos on You Tube and even read tons of articles online about that specific technical SEO tactic but still don’t get it.

You’ve tried talking to a few SEOs, follow them on social media, read their blog posts – but you ended up more confused.

You subscribed for an expensive SEO tool and now you don’t know where to start or you can’t just figure out and understand half of the things it offers.

In a nutshell, you’ve tried following suggestions and implementing it but only got ZERO results for your clients or your own website.

Look, when i was at this stage, i bet i was more confused than you are right now. I’d thought i was lazy – couldn’t help it. It’s a real struggle.

But the truth is… No matter how you feeling now, It’s not your fault. 

It took me a long time to figure this stuff out for myself… Got my hands dirty, And finally discovered that the problem is not you… No, not that you’re lazy… it’s the SEO industry.

SEO has a barrier of unnecessary complexity that’s built on complicated technical information that 99% of people honestly don’t need.

This makes it looks difficult – and more confusing but… it doesn’t have to be.

What if you could learn a repeatable framework to get higher rankings and more traffic?

  • Maybe you’d get to replicate it on and on across your websites.
  • Maybe you’d get more people visiting your websites
  • Maybe you’d get to convert more visitors for your business
  • Maybe you’d fit confident doing SEO, get paid higher for your services, or even land your dream job

Having a depth of knowledge of SEO can achieve all that…

Understanding what works and what to prioritize – including what to track (KPIs)

You don’t need all the fluff, hacks, or the complicated technical stuff that the “gurus” make intentionally confusing.

The secret about search engine optimization that no one tells you is this:

SEO really isn’t a rocket science as most people think.

Search Engine Optimization is simple; just understand the rules and follow the best practices.

  • Are your content providing relevant answers to users queries?
  • Can users find what they are looking for when they visit your website?
  • Are you helping them to figure out what next they should do?

That’s what the Semola Digital SEO Framework is all about:

  • Search engines become more valuable by getting more users (or more usage from existing users)
  • They do that by providing the best possible answer to their users
  • If you help search engines answer their user’s questions, they’ll give you a higher ranking
  • Search engines get more usage, and you get more traffic

That’s it.

Just figuring out what search engine users want and providing the best possible answer is what helped me fundamentally understand SEO.

We took this idea and implemented it at the last place I managed search engine optimization.

This SEO Framework can be useful to marketers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers.

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Hello, I’m Oladoyin Falana, a Certified SEO Content Marketing Specialist, Web Consultant, and founder of Semola Digital (RC 3061026).

I founded SEMOLA DIGITAL where my team & I help businesses turbo-charge their traffic and generate incredible revenues.

Content & SEO are at the core of Digital Marketing. My goal is to give you a long-term (bullet-proof) strategy.

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Chioma Ugwuoha, Education Expert, CEO & Author Beyond what Semola Digital offers, Oladoyin is an honest person, always makes himself available and contactable to educate.

“When it comes to questions about SEO and Digital Marketing my first go-to is Oladoyin Falana. I am not kidding, Dude might have few years of experience, but he sounds likes he’s been in the industry since the early age of Google.”

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