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Expert E-commerce SEO Services

Let our SEO specialists analyze your website, niche, and competitors to cherry-pick the most relevant traffic-generating keywords. We will focus on long-tail keywords that are proven to drive the highest conversion rates.

You can’t maintain a consistent traffic flow and boost your sales unless your website is in line with Google’s requirements. Advanced technical optimization, responsive design, and fast loading speed on all devices are too crucial to be ignored.

Plus, your website needs to be filled with unique content that resonates with your target audience. Leave this to Semola Digital’s professionals to make your website a showpiece of SEO excellence.

E-commerce SEO Services for Online Stores


Keyword Research

Let our eCommerce SEO specialists analyze your website, niche, and competitors to cherry-pick the most relevant traffic-generating keywords. We will focus on long-tail keywords that are proven to drive the highest conversion rates.

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Ecommerce SEO Audit

Running a website that complies with Google guidelines is the backbone of a fruitful SEO campaign. We conduct an advanced on-page audit and provide a detailed report with recommendations on how to fix the detected issues.

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Technical SEO Audit

Along with an on-page SEO audit, we run an in-depth technical audit of your online store to figure out the technical errors that may be keeping your web pages away from Google. Our developer follows the audit recommendations from the audit report.


Link Building

We analyzing your website’s backlink portfolios to build ongoing relationships with the bloggers and editors of websites that have already linked to you. Then, we look at your competitor’s backlinks to identify prospective websites that we can build relationships with and promote content to. We leverage PR to get more brand mentions.


Ecommerce SEO Strategy

Your e-commerce SEO strategy will rest on your business needs and our vast knowledge of SEO best practices. We will reverse engineer your niche and competitive landscape to work out a growth hacking plan for your online store. thereby expanding your target audience and customers.

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SEO Copywriting

It’s nearly impossible to maintain a stable traffic flow without valuable and unique content for your online stores. This is why Content is King! Our creative writers work with SEO specialists to create engaging and SEO-friendly copy for your website.

E-commerce SEO – Semola Digital (

Why Investing in SEO Services for eCommerce?

While there are many digital marketing channels through which you can bring customers to your store, SEO is at the top of marketers’ priority list because:

  • SEO costs much less.
  • SEO is more effective
  • SEO brings the highest return on investment
  • And unlike paid ads (PPC), a little effort and investment in SEO is a long term, effortless stream of revenue for your e-commerce business.

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E-commerce Services FAQs

Ecommerce SEO is the process of optimizing your online store around specific keywords in order to gain more visibility in search engines for your products and ultimately drive organic visitors to your website.

E-commerce SEO makes your site rank high for a number of niche keywords. They are all tailored to your web content to grow your target audience.

When the number of your store visitors increases, so do your sales. That’s how you can yield more in revenue.

Your e-commerce business is bound to grow as we marry established expertise with bountiful technological resources for long-term results. With this pay-for-performance SEO solution, your investments pay off in an instant to set the stage for our cooperation.

  1. E-commerce businesses in all market niches and competition landscapes.
  2. Online stores with any business infrastructure and current sales volume.
  3. Online stores in any location and website language.

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